August 26, 2018

My glass sphere is now firmly lodged in my everyday camera kit (or more accurately, whilst I'm out and about, in my pocket). Frankly it's quite addictive balancing it and peering through it, angling the camera up and down, and trying to line up horizons. 

I've definitely developed a preference for balancing the sphere on something, rather than holding it (maybe due to the less-than-perfect appearance of my own hands), and I've carried out a social media poll regarding whether to flip the final image or not - what do you think?

 <--This way up (as taken) or...

                                  This way up (flipped afterwards)-->...

July 12, 2018

So there was bound to be one of THESE posts.... this year we "did" Canada (well -  a teeny part of south-western Canada and a smidgeon of the north-western US of A, not Alaska, the more southerly north-western part...Seattle).

Mostly I just revelled in being free and out-and-about with my camera every day. Holidays can be excellent as, dare I say it, holidaymakers have fresher eyes than locals, so might see photograph opportunities where locals don't... At least - that's my excuse for taking *ahem* several thousand photographs in 16 days...

My new toy, the glass "sphere", was much used (and abused), I took a zillion panoramas (remembering to go "up and...

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