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Birds are singing...and the pollen is high

May 30, 2016

These last few weeks I've become a bit of a sneezing and eye-streaming wreck - all because the pollen count is soaring and my hayfever has struck. BUT what this means is....the flowers are out! So off I go, dosed up to the max on antihistimines, into the woods with my trusty camera.


Taking photos of flowers can be seen as a bit of a joke in "serious" photographic circles , as it is CLEARLY only beginners who spend time doing such a flippant thing. I disagree. I think there is FAR too much cynicism around, and I'm on a mission to re-claim the joy of well-captured images showing the simple beauty of the world in which we live. 


I've seen a lot of images by professional photographers which could have been much better had they honed their skills on local flora - a short wander along any path with a camera will give opportunity to practice playing with a whole range of manual settings, focal depth, macro, white balance......






For example try  getting the colour exactly right as on this red campion:










Or ensuring white flowers LOOK white, their petal details are kept and aren't blown out: 


























And try capturing tiny flowers as they bob in the wind, with a nice short focal depth to keep the focus on them (and the background fuzzy):


Not only will you get great practice, but you'll end up with lovely images with universal appeal. Just remember the antihistimines!



























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