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The Magic of Light and Colour

This November the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh staged an after-hours event called "Botanic Lights". Each evening, as the sun set, the gardens lit up in spectacular fashion, with colours, projected images and videos, and sounds and music, which combined to create eerie, tranquil, exciting, and magical atmospheric experiences for those present. I couldn't help but take a camera to capture the effects (which usually would have to be added in post-production).

On camera, the power of the vivid colours juxtaposed into this natural setting is evident:

Light and colour was spread throughout the undergrowth, as well as the larger freestanding trees, creating depth and intrigue:

Moving lights swept across paths from behind foliage, adding to the eeriness of the atmosphere (and giving great photo opportunities).

In some locations extra-special displays were created - this one in particular gave me some fun in trying to capture light, water and fire all at once!

The grand finale incorporated light and colour movement, music, smoke and fire, across the beautifully reflecting pond near the East Gate. All in all, the atmospheric experience was great fun and, for the photographically inclined, a great opportunity to play with settings and kit. Varying exposure times, white balance settings, ISO, and setting up a tripod at each spot gave me great practice and produced fun images.

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