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The Holiday Blog Post

So there was bound to be one of THESE posts.... this year we "did" Canada (well - a teeny part of south-western Canada and a smidgeon of the north-western US of A, not Alaska, the more southerly north-western part...Seattle).

Mostly I just revelled in being free and out-and-about with my camera every day. Holidays can be excellent as, dare I say it, holidaymakers have fresher eyes than locals, so might see photograph opportunities where locals don't... At least - that's my excuse for taking *ahem* several thousand photographs in 16 days...

My new toy, the glass "sphere", was much used (and abused), I took a zillion panoramas (remembering to go "up and down" as well as "side-to-side") and loved capturing the "foreign" birds (I ADORE hummingbirds). If you're after advice, all I can say is - when you're holiday EXPERIMENT, take your time, have fun, take LOTS of photos (because you can't just "nip back" and take it again, and after all, you have a digital camera!), and make sure you SHARE and maybe even PRINT some of your triumphs on you return. I'm looking into a decent photobook right now!

OK so here are a few :)

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