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Spring Clean!

I'm ashamed to say that it took replacing my computer (and poor weather keeping me indoors) to motivate me to organise my photographs properly. I DO use a common sense folder naming system, but there still remained older, ill-named folders, and a whole bunch of photos that required properly backing up.

Everybody's file management system varies BUT I recommend that, if you're not doing so already, you use a naming system which makes it easy to track down "that picture from that holiday X years ago". I now use "YYYY MM Event", and I retain the camera-issued file names (simply adding "edit" once edited) in order to retain the photographs in the order they were taken.

If you're reluctant to delve into the murky job of photograph organising then let me encourage you. My photographs are now all fully backed-up (onto both an external hard drive AND themed, labelled, USB flash drives). I also have a MUCH clearer computer, AND can find any photograph very easily!

On top of all these benefits I have re-discovered old photographs which I'd forgotten, or hadn't bothered to edit (but now I have better software!). Now I can USE them and enjoy them again!

This one of the Forth Rail Bridge is now my desktop wallpaper:

And these floral beauties are just lovely:

I'd forgotten this Turkish feral cat upstaging the amphitheatre:

And these landscapes can now be added to my screensaver - reminding me of the moment each was taken:

So GO! Spend some time digging though and sorting out your photographs! You'll not regret it.

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