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Challenge Accepted!

You may have noticed that I've not blogged for quite a while! This is owing to two things - firstly I got a real grown-up job requiring actual attention and time, and secondly I have been, rather than blogging, fulfilling a self-imposed challenge routine since January. This is the story of my challenge.


At the turn of the year, as has become routine, various friends decided that they would turn their resolve to fitness regimes. There was talk of timed workouts, weight-loss goals, new and exciting exercise styles....none of which inspired me. BUT - I thought - maybe some form of challenge WOULD be good for me. And so the random word photo challenge was born.

On the day I started there happened to be 99 days until Easter so, officially, it was a 99 day challenge (in reality there were a few days of nasty sickness which culled all activity so there were actually 95 posts in total). This is how it worked:

Each day I rolled an electronic 4-sided die to get a random number from 1-4. That number in turn dictated whether the random word would be 1:verb, 2:adverb, 3:adjective, or 4:noun. I then used a free app on my phone to generate the random word. Inspired by the random word I either took a new photograph, or selected one from my back catalogue. The photograph was then posted on my MW Imagery Instagram and Facebook pages, along with a short blurb and #randomwordphotochallenge. To see the challenge in full visit either of these pages. The photographs from the challenge are now also on their own page here on


As an exercise this challenge not only meant that my social media pages have been regularly updated - leading to more followers and interaction, but also that I have become much more familiar with my entire photograph collection. I have discovered forgotten gems, images which I never got round to editing but which have real potential, and reminders of some great times. Need I say more?! Go and challenge yourself to post/share/peruse your collection regularly - I promise you'll not regret it (though I can't promise you'll not "lose" many hours as you get engrossed in old memories).

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